Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

  • Ways To Escape Game
    Ways To Escape Game

    This game a simple point 'n' click game. But you can escape 5 different ways and you can submit your score.

  • Clean The World Game
    Clean The World Game

    Clean World, destroy buildings!

  • Forest House Escape 3 Game
    Forest House Escape 3 Game

    This is a last episode of Forest House Escape. You are in the forest house and want to go out to spend some fun summertime. Unfortunately you don´t know how to open the door. Find items and solve puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

  • Cheepers Game
    Cheepers Game

    Put same colored balls together to make them disappear in this cute skill game. Make sure to clean all the balls as instructed on the right panel before your time runs out.

  • Rescue Bear Game
    Rescue Bear Game

    Get every one of the bears into the barrel and let not one miss or get blocked from rolling or falling in.

  • Honey Path Game
    Honey Path Game

    You are in charge for the flow of honey in your colony. Once the honey starts running, you can not stop the flow. The honey will flow cell to cell following the path indicated by the arrows in each cell. There are 6 hives for you to collect the maximum amount of honey.

  • Ping Game
    Ping Game

    Simple and fun game Ping.

  • Of Creates And Creatures Game
    Of Creates And Creatures Game

    This is NOT your grandfathers crate puzzle! Push all crates to the exit, but beware of the creatures who want to keep the crates for themselves. Kill bugs with "lasers" and fake crates. Instructions: Use arrow keys to move the player and push crates and lasers.

  • Mushy Mishy Game
    Mushy Mishy Game

    MushyMishy is a flash sliding puzzle game. Try to score as much as possible and last as long as possible. If you have kept at least half of the grid empty when the timer runs out, you can advance level.

  • GemClix Blitz Game
    GemClix Blitz Game

    GemClix Blitz+ from MunsieGames. Fast action arcade style Gem matching game. This version of the popular GemClix game is faster than ever! Instructions: Click on 2 or more matching gems. Drag power ups onto the screen to use them. Clear the gems before they reach the top of the screen. Control Scheme: fire: left mouse movement: mouse

  • Vehicles 2 Game
    Vehicles 2 Game

    Bad vehicles are causing havoc on the streets. Use your vehicles to ram them off the screen and restore peace to the streets. Instructions: Mouse click to start moving and mouse click to stop. Control Scheme: movement: mouse space: special ability

  • Truck Loader 3 Game
    Truck Loader 3 Game

    Here comes the third part of a little but strong Truck Loader! This time our yellow hero will meet with new puzzles and find out new abilities during all 30 extremely exciting levels. Explosive boxes, ramps and a small surprise for truck loader fans - basketball minigame. Have fun!

  • Fly Away Rabbit Game
    Fly Away Rabbit Game

    Help the rabbit land safely on the cloud by removing blocks

  • Flipit Mobile Game
    Flipit Mobile Game

    A tile based game of skill, flip all the tiles to white.

  • Puzzle Prince Game
    Puzzle Prince Game

    Do you have what it takes to battle against zombies, monsters and other bad guys in this amazing looking puzzle battler? Taking on the game mechanics of Collapse and combining it with the versus battling of Puzzle Quest, you are set on a journey to save the kingdom with the aid of destroying magical groups of orbs. Only you can control this mage to victory!

  • Help 益智
    Help 益智

    你的智能如何? 在最有生產力的方式消除塊,並獲得了高分。 Instructions: 使用鼠標 Control Scheme: movement: mouse

  • Descending Balls
    Descending Balls

    The goal in Descending Balls is to eliminate all of the balls to pass each level. That would be nice and straightforward if they weren't constantly moving down the screen! You need to work fast because if they reach the bottom it's game over. To get rid of the balls simply shoot ones that are the same color. If there are 3 or more that match they will be eliminated. Each time you pass a level the gameplay will become harder. The balls will move faster, there will be more lines to clear and there will be more types of ball to shoot. How far can you progress? Our record so far is level 5, see if you can beat that. Have fun!

  • Monkey GO Happy Marathon Game
    Monkey GO Happy Marathon Game

    30 levels of More Monkey Madness with this Monkey GO Happy Marathon. Instructions: Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles, Shoot stuff and More! Complete the game quickly to earn a BONUS.

  • Diamond Puzzle Matching
    Diamond Puzzle Matching

    Play this fun diamond gem-swapping puzzler! The goal is to make lines, horizontally or vertically, of three or more matching gems. As the gems fall if they also connect in a set of three of more, then you will earn extra points for combo connections.

  • Factory Balls 4 Game
    Factory Balls 4 Game

    A new episode in the Factory Balls series: Factory Balls 4. Can you produce the ball on the box in each level? Drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball physics in each level! This time you don't even have to drag and drop, you can also just click the tools. Enjoy! Instructions: Drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the ball on the box or just click the tools.

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