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Play online Cool Fighting Games; Shooting, Sniper, Action.

  • Superhero Clinton Game
    Superhero Clinton Game

    On 4 Aug 09 when Bill Clinton met North Korea President, and tried to think some way to save 2 Korean female journalists with US citizenship. Help Clinton to save them through a negotiation with President North Korea. You can choose either Logic, Occasion or Story card to beat your opponent. There are 3 types of bonus card which will appear randomly to help you win. Your opponent's live bar will reduce as and when you beat him until you ultimately accomplish your mission.

  • Mob Street Fighter Game
    Mob Street Fighter Game

    6 levels of street fighting with new boss and enemies on each level. Street Fight with Mob Fighters to avenge your brother and kill the God Father in epic fight.

  • Straw Hat Samurai 2 Game
    Straw Hat Samurai 2 Game

    The Straw Hat Samurai is back with new moves, air-combos, new enemies, new bosses... and more slashing and blood!

  • Karate Challenge Game
    Karate Challenge Game

    Hong Kong Phooey invites you to his dojo for the annual Karate tournament.Game free. Instructions: Use the left and right arrow keys to move. Use the “A” key to punch and the “S” key to kick. Use the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to duck.

  • Lightsaber Battles 3d Game
    Lightsaber Battles 3d Game

    Pick your favorite character, Obi Wan and Vader Dark and fight in a memorable confrontation with lightsabers.

  • Fatal Kombat Game
    Fatal Kombat Game

    Fatal Kombat - A brutal and fatal fighting game featuring to 2 suicidal martial artists fighting till death for honor. Will you be the last man standing ? Press Down + Right + S at the same time to unleash the deadly street fighter Hadoken.

  • Cubikill 3 Game
    Cubikill 3 Game

    Cubikill 3 is more deranged than ever! Our favourite psychopath is out of the asylum, ready to integrate society. Will he keep his calm this time or go on a killing spree yet again? Instructions Use the mouse to select and throw objects.

  • Karate Momkey Game
    Karate Momkey Game

    Can you turn a chimp into a Black Belt Karate Master? Train this monkey in the ways of Karate, perform different movements and try not to hit the Sensei! Karate Monkey is a funny and addictive game where you will assume the role of a monkey trained by a Sensei to become a Black Belt Karate Master. You will do sequences of karate attacks following the Master instructions. React quickly but remember: if you make the wrong move, it’s the Sensei who’ll take the beating!

  • Nekosaga Game
    Nekosaga Game

    Go against Dogma and his army of animal ninjas across vast worlds. Customize your samurai and put together the strongest combo.

  • World Of Fighters Game
    World Of Fighters Game

    Fight against the best fighters in the world to date. All have one mission in mind, to take you out! You are the "Kojo Karate" student, Travis Laser and you have broadcasted a challenge to the world: That you are indeed the greatest. Now, you must prove it in battle. Fight against FIVE of the toughest fighters using Specials and Custom Combos. Enjoy! This game is online.

  • Yyan Loong Legend 2 Game
    Yyan Loong Legend 2 Game

    Optimized game controls, added 2 players mode, improved combo system, added new special moves, added new stages and enemy types. Enable 2 players adventure together!!! Building up your special skills and powers. Use sword and dragon fire spell to beat all enimies who blocking your way and find out the reason why wars happening in the world! Find the true answer... *Push 'up' and press 'Attack' to execute spells. *Item pick up: Move character over the item and press 'down' to pick up it. *The game data will auto save while game scene is changing. *After you passed all levels,you can replay this game from the beginning with all special moves and spells unlocked! More instructions please read in game help. There is a secret door in 3rd Scene(Looks like a hole in the rock). You can enter the door by pushing 'up' key. After you enter the door, you will encounter a Boss who is the Boss of 1st scene, and there are no soldiers disturb you, so you can hit this Boss to gain a large of EXP, after you beat him you can get a life book( bonus an extra life for you!). In 7th scene there is a secret door too, and also you can get a life book!

  • Boung: Revenge Game
    Boung: Revenge Game

    Help Bohun to kill Dark Khan and liberate his people. Instructions: WASD/Arrow keys: Move 123456/Mouse: Attack Control Scheme: 1: attack 1 2: attack 2 3: attack 3 4: attack 4 5: attack 5 6: attack 6 fire: left mouse jump: up movement: arrow

  • Panda Rampage Game
    Panda Rampage Game

    Description: Killer Panda with a taste for human flesh is on the loose! A funny & gory beat 'em up with Console Quality graphics & Sound Design. Instructions: Panda is constantly starving and loosing health: The goal of the game is to kill and eat everyone on each level before panda's life runs out. You can walk around by moving the mouse or pressing the arrow keys, and attack by clicking or pressing space. Hold mouse/space button longer to perform different types of attacks. From time to time, you may want to relieve yourself, for extra health gain.To do so, eat enough to be at least half full, then stand still for a few moments. To refill your health just keep eating plenty of greens and proteins, but try to avoid food that's bad for you! Control Scheme: Arrows: Movement Esc/Pause: Pause/Menu Space: Attack fire: left mouse movement: mouse Coins:Yes

  • Bloody Rage
    Bloody Rage

    This is a fighter game where you pick up a warrior of your choice. Fight an enemy which is as skilled as you can try to defeat him. If you like action games then this is the ultimate you will get.

  • Side Ring Knockout
    Side Ring Knockout

    The objective of the game is to knock out all opponents and get the championship belt. Try to do combinations and dodge the opponents punches. A tip would be to find the best key combination and use it repetitively. Try not to get hit by spamming punches.

  • Combat Tournament Legends
    Combat Tournament Legends

    Unleash dozens of combos against 6 different opponents in this epic combat game.

  • Avatar The Last Airbender-Arena
    Avatar The Last Airbender-Arena

    Read the instrucctions and use the keyboard to the move the game.

  • Ultraman Great Fighting
    Ultraman Great Fighting

    In this game you have to use the arrow keys to drive your warrior and win the fight. The keys you will use are to move forward and backward AD, J to attack, K to jump and launches the I. So you can complete all levels and meet the challenge.

  • Avatar Fortrees Fight 2
    Avatar Fortrees Fight 2

    Launch fireballs and more at the other village. Try to take down their dojo by launching weapons. Use Mouse to interact.

  • Mutant Fighting Cup
    Mutant Fighting Cup

    Grow and mutate your animal to fight through the stages and become World Mutant Fighting Champion

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